Sofa Recliner Repair Parts

DIY-Furniture Parts offers Sofa Recliner Repair Parts For any do it yourself project, measurements and fittings are very important.  For recliner pull handles,  the exposed wire and ending shape are critical for the proper operation of the footrest mechanism. To measure the exposed wire length, pull the exposed wire taught and measure the length from the plastic clip to the end of the metal tip. 


To insure a successful repair, when removing the broken or damaged handle, save any screws or attachment pieces. Carefully observe the attachment of the exposed wire to the footrest release mechanism and the position of the mounting clip when removing the handle. There are several lengths of cables and exposed wires as well as mounting plate shapes.


Our D-Pull handles, sometimes called a parachute or "D" handle, are used on reclining furniture that has the handle in-between the seat and the arm (you reach down beside the seat cushion and pull up). The critical measurement for D pull assemblies is the exposed wire. Another key element is the shape and position of the attachment plate. And last, but not least, is the shape of the ending. The total cable can be as long, or longer, than your current cable and will work equally as well with or without a spring on the exposed wire. The excess cable will just hide inside your sofa..


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Sofa Recliner Repair Parts

Replacement Cup Holder for Sofa Recliner

DIY Replacement Cup Holder

Replacement Cup Holder


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Lazy Boy Replacement Release Handle

DIY replacement Lazy Boy Replica handle with star opening....NO mounting screw your old screw


  • Available
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Ashley Recliner Pull Handle Release with Cable


  • 3 1/12 Inch Black Oval Pull Handle
  • 5 Inch Exposed Wire with S Shaped Tip
  • Includes Handle, Cable, and Clip
  • Fits Ashley Recliner and others


This DIY replacement part is the complete assembly and includes handle, cable, and clip. The oval pull handle assembly is 3 1/2 inches long and 3 inches wide. The clip to tip connection is approx 5 7/8 with the S shaped tip. The exposed wire is 5 inches. The cable (from end of the barrel connection at the handle to S tip) is approx 36 inches and the total length is 42 inches. This assembly fits ASHLEY RECLINERS and others.


  • 1 lb
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Recliner Handles: Pull Handle 4 ½ Inch Oval with S Tip Cable

  • Large Oval Handle 4 1/2 Inches long 2 1/2 Inches Wide
  • 41 Inch Total Length
  • 5 Inch Exposed Wire with an S Tip
  • Handle, Cable, Clip and Wire S Tip Assembly


This DIY replacement recliner release handle is the large flapper style. This DIY part fits many different recliner models that use a 4151 mechanism for the release of the recliner footrest. The total replacement handle mechanism includes black oval handle, cable, clip and wire S tip and is 40 3/4 inches in total length. The cable is 31 inches from end of handle to plastic clip. The clip is 3/4 inches with the exposed wire and S tip being approximately 4 1/2 inches for a total of 5 1/4 inches from top of clip to the end of the S tip.


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  • Ships within 1-3 days1