DIY Recliner Parts: Berkline Recliner Push Button Release Handle and Cable
  • 1.5 Inch Round Push Button Release

  • 2 Inch Decorative Ring
  • Exposed Wire 5 Inch with S Tip
  • 38 Inch Total Length Metal Bracket to S Tip
  • Decorative Ring, Handle, Cable, Clip Assembly


This DIY replacement push button release handle fits BERKLINE recliners. The push button is a 1.5 inch round black plastic handle attached to a 4 inch metal mounting plate. There is a decorative mounting ring that is 2 inch round.  The cable is 30.5 inches long from the bottom of the 3/4 inch plastic clip to the attachment post on the bracket. The exposed wire ending is 5 inches from the bottom of the clip to the end of the S tip. There are 4 screw holes on the metal mounting bracket behind the button handle. The complete mechanism includes the push button handle assembly and decorative mounting ring.

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